Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well, I could shower today. Wash my hair and all!! If you were not allowed to shower for the last 1 week, you'll know how 'glad' I was. Oh well, like I said in the previous post, the water that I am allowed to use, is some contaminated BLACK water, with herbs and ginger smell. C'mon, it's either no shower, or this... So there doesn't really seem like there's any choices left, so shower it is, with contaminated water.

BUT!!!!!!! BUT BUT BUT!!!!!!! I have never ever imagined the shower to end the way it did! After a wonderful hair washing and body 'scrubing' session, there I was nearly done with the black bucket of water, going for the next scoop of water when I realise, lying at the bottom of the bucket, tummy up, A LIZARD!!!!!!!!!! OMIGOD! Scare the shit out of me, and bloody hell, the nicely washed hair and body, not only with so thought herbs contaminated water, but the body of a dead lizard!!!!! SOB SOB

I have to admit, the finding did shook me A WHOLE LOT, and I now don't even want to look into the bucket! WHY WHY WHY?! For those asking in their head now, to see a photo of the dead lizard, NO NO NO.... I DID NOT and WILL NOT take a photo of it (anyway it's cleaned off now)!!! I did not even want to take a second look into the bucket! JEEZ!!!!! I think it's psychological, but I itch all over now.... I WILL NOT, I've told the confinement lady, take another shower in that contaminated BLACK water where I can't see the bottom of the bucket. VERY sorry, but I will not shower again until it's clear water.... Whoever coming for a visit, please bare with my odour, for no more black water will be poured onto this stinky body.... HMPH! :(

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