Friday, April 28, 2006

Today morning, a colleague from another department called my department, exclaiming in excitement "Shannon gave birth? Boy or Girl?!"
(Well, she was anxious because she was just telling me yesterday afternoon; "aiyah, dun get so worked up by silly ppl, else later baby 'pops' out earlier arr")

Err, and I was there, sitting right in front of my colleague!!!! :D

How did this confusion come about you ask.....

Well, you see, it's 28th April today, and my due date supposed to be on 28th May.... Oh, and they even put in that I was given 3 months maternity leave!!! WOW! Can I carry this forward to next month ar? hehehe.... *Wink*

NOTE: NO NO NO!!! For those that don't get the joke, NO I AM NOT ON MATERNITY LEAVE YET!!!!!!! I think HR just accidentally played a prank on me! :D