Thursday, June 01, 2006

The wait is finally over and Rachel was born on 27th May 2006, 12.39am weighing in at 3.15kg that is about 6.94 pounds. She is one of the heaviest babies in the nursery and one of the most active too.

The labour was pretty fast considering this is our first baby. At 11pm, the nurse was busy chasing me off the ward while she did a check on Wen. Before I knew it, she was being transferred to the delivery suites and being prepared for delivery. I manage to stick around while she was being transfered. After the transfer, I was being chased home again at about 11.30pm as the nurse assured me that she won't be ready for delivery in another 2 to 3 hours. Still, I manage to stick around until 12am and that is when Wen's contraction starting to get intense. The nurse was still confident that she was not ready for delivery until another check showed otherwise. Still, the doctor was no where in sight and the nurse was preparing to deliver the baby herself. At that very moment, the doctor walked through the door and hurriedly put on his black rubber boots and plastic apron. I think he was in his pyjamas or something. He looked more like a fish monger from pasar that a doctor. Anyway, the delivery went on smoothly and little Rachel was born.

When I first laid eyes on her, I knew this little gal would be the centre or our lives from now on and I could not possibly say "NO" to her demands. A daddy gal's indeed. She was placed in a heater for babie next to us for a while to warm her up and she kept her eyes open the whole while, what a sight. Wen demanded that the doctor allow her to spend some time with Rachel, but soon, she feel asleep from her exhaustion. Before i knew it, I was chased out of the hospital again and had to go home. The next morning, i got an sms at 6am and its from Wen askign what time i will be over. I was still dazed and she is already up and about checking on Rachel.

At the moment, Wen is in her mother's place for the mandatory one month confinement period and little Rachel has already starting to build her fan club. Her nickname now is Queen or Princess Rachel depending on which of her fans u asked. My mom is already saying she will pamper her little grandchild and leaving the discipline work to us. "Grandparents job is to pamper the grandchild" that is exactly what she said. And that goes to all the new uncles, aunties, granduncles and grandaunties. Well, Wen and I is definitely gonna have a tough time with so many ppl pampering her.

Wen's current favourite picture

My personal favourite

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