Saturday, May 06, 2006

Time's been moving fast.
Feels like yesterday when I was tested positive on the pregnancy test, but BB is due in 3 weeks time now.
As said before, anxiety and worriness is accumulating, increasing in volume day by day... :|

Work wise, boss is starting to worry (after a more than 6 months advance notice), every single thing I bring up to him now, his first question is "Who'll handle it in your absense?". Colleagues are starting to push for certain things to be completed in advance before I go off, well, I can't blame them, but it's starting to take it's toll on my stress level!!

Everything in my head now is about worry, worry that something is wrong, worry that this is not done, worry that this will happen, OMIGOD! I even worry that I'm worrying too much! HaHaHaHa.... (well, it's good to humour myself a little) ~silly dry humour!!!

I think all this accumulates and put me in this extra 'tipsy' mood, tipsy not in the level of alcohol in my bloodstream as I have NADDA of that for the pass 8 months, but tipsy in my temper!! Which is bad... Hope that doesn't affect my blood pressure! (ISH! There I am worrying about nothing again)

So, everyone's been calling and asking me about the same thing;
"Have you delivered?"
"When is it ar?"
"How are you feeling now?"
"Is baby OK?"
"Are you OK?"
"Are you happy?"
"Are you scared?"

I know I know.... Thanks for all the concerns, really, sincerely, thank you... But but but... It's all adding to my tipsy-ness and my worriness....

Anyway, I WILL, I PROMISE, send out an sms to everyone that my phone has a contact of, to notify the arrival of the Rainbow (as hubby calls BB today morning) of our lives as soon as I and hubby is free and relax enough to do so (HAHAHA). Well, if you don't get any sms from me by mid of June (a buffered estimation), it's either your number is not in my contact list (which I should be asking WHY?), or err, something has happened to me in the labour room (yeah yeah, it's a silly remark, really, I know, but err, I just can't resist, sorry).