Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Last month or so, a friend suggested that she'll go learn up knitting and knit something for BB. That brought knitting urges back into my hand bones, and made me started with another knitting project, specially for BB. Hubby and I both decided that we will start with a receiving blanket. It started off slow, and the shop is ALWAYS out of yarn, the color that we want. I was a little afraid that I would not have enough time to complete it before BB comes along, but alas, it's DONE!!

I was secretly telling BB that (s)he SHOULD NOT decide to come out before the blanket is completed, that (s)he should wait until the completion before starting to kick her/his way out of the womb... So I guess now that it's completed, it's about time? (HaHaHa... If only we can dictate the time of labour like this).....

I'll post a photo of it when I have a chance, it's pink and yellow in alternate 'squares' with 2 tones of blue as a border. Well, the unimaginable mix of colors came about due to the lack of yarn colors, but I must admit that the result is pretty pleasing. I like!! hehehe..... Lets hope BB will like it too..... ;)