Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm all anxious now. Hubby is anxious. Everyone around me are anxious.

I've sorted things out at work, emails sent out in preparation for an early birth (I AM always a careful person) just in case, so that things can still proceed if I suddenly did not appear through the department door the next day. That's a good feeling, seriously! Knowing that I have sorted out things and I can just dissapear when it's time.

As for preparation for the labour hours, the actual birth scene and the postpartum, well, I can't say the same. I don't know if I've got everything ready, but the only consolation I keep repeating to myself is, hubby can still go home or shop or n'where necessary to get the things BB or I need when I'm in the hospital. Nothing is impossible. I can't get everything planned out, something ought to be missed out. RIGHT?! (Now don't anyone dare to tell me that's wrong, cuz I'm sure that's gonna send me up the scale of worrying).
Postpartum wise, the BB cot is kind of ready, I've washed the sheets, diapers, clothes and all, nicely folded in the BB plastic casing, which stores all other possible BB necessities I can think of, so we SHOULD be prepared. Else, the same theory goes, my mum can go get the things for me. RIGHT?! (HaHaHa, yes yes, yes, tell me yes!!!!)

Now, with all those 'settled', the big question remains, IS IT TIME?!
How I wish the technology is so high-tech now that they can give all prengnant woman a test on some simulator, where you will feel exactly how contraction is, what it actually does to you, so that when I actually feel it in real life, I'll know to recognise it enough to start timing! HOW I WISH!!!!

They tell you there's Braxton, so, err, even if I do feel a contraction (not that I know for sure how it feels like), is it real, or Braxton? HOW AM I TO KNOW if it's time?

I really hope that the water bag will burst, at least that's a good enough sign, right? But then again, article says that due to BB's head acting like a 'cork' on the cervix opening, sometimes the fluid doesn't actually comes out. AIYOH! Now, now, another sign is to have staining!! Now that should be a good enough indication, if I get red stains on my underwear, but, yet again, I read that it might be just a staining, a true sign that labour is about to start, but it might still not mean it is the exact time for labour still!

Hahaha.... Am I getting everyone else confused and worried?? GOOD! Thanks for accompanying me in this worry boat... HEHEHE!!!

Well, I know hubby is more worried if it happens during work hours, as I'm still at work, (and I'll be at work until 26th May, when the EDD is 28th May 2006) and he's far away in KL, and it'll take him sometime before reaching me, so it's gonna be an extra obstacle. Also, it's a reminder to myself that I should really really be sure that it's at least near 80% real, before I actually get hubby rushing down from KL, to be told that it's just a false alarm, hehe. So lets just pray hard now, that I will be one of those lucky ones, that will have clear signs of labour starting, and that it will happen either on the weekends when hubby is with my 24 hours of the day, or it happens in the middle of the night, or at least early in the day, before we actually go to work.... (YEAH! I'm greedy, I ask for a lot, hehehe)