Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hubby and I were in the car going to my mum's yesterday night, when we heard this program on the radio, teaching the listener the basic words to know when visiting Korea, so you know how to ask for direction. The conversation goes some sort like this:

(K) the person that teaches the Korean words
(DJ) the DJ
NOTE: All Korean words is represented by "bla bla bla" as I have no idea what he was saying, and I can't spell it even more!! :D

(K) : You should know the word, LEFT and RIGHT, is pronounced as bla bla bla and "bla bla bla".
(DJ) : IC IC. Since I don't know much of Korean, I'd want to know if the person I'm speaking to, knows english or not, so that will make conversation easier. Now how do you say "do you know English?" in their language??
(K) : Nowadays, most Koreans understands English, so you will meet a lot of them that could converse with you in English, and to ask if they could understand you, you ask "bla bla bla bla bla?"

Which at this exact point, hubby and I both looked at each other and uttered the same words, being "just ask, DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?"!!!!!!!!! How 'dumb' is that? Tell me tell me....

OK, now you can laugh.... :D