Saturday, May 27, 2006

I was wheeled into the labour room again around 11pm, and prepared for labour. Thank God a good nurse was around that night, she kept checking on me every other minute, not like those nurses in the morning that just left me waiting, without a single check. I was having very bad contraction at that time, until my legs were shivering.

After another dilation check at 12am, the nurse STILL told hubby to go home, saying that it was my first labour and it'll be at least another 1 or 2 hours before I'll be delivering! OMIGOD! I still have to endure this pain for so long? Without my hubby with me somemore? Lucky hubby was VERY smart, he stood around, delay delay, then suddenly, the nurse told hubby, you stay here and accompany her, she's about to deliver...

I was shocked! Dr.B is no where to be seen... I remember questioning where he is, was told he's on his way, then at a point the nurse was standing in position ready to deliver my baby, and asking a trainee, have you delivered before??!!! At that exact moment, (I believe God planned everything right to the exact second) Dr.B stepped in. I heard the nurse telling him, she's ready. Then I remember him telling me don't yell, use your energy to push, then came a contraction, remembering him saying very good, somemore, somemore, a little bit more, then a relax moment, and when the next contraction comes, Rachel was born, 12:39am! Everything happened in 39 minutes.

When I saw little Rachel, she was purple in color. I remember wanting to hold her, but as I was stitched up, the nurse put Rachel on my chest, let me have a look, let me kiss her forehead then she took Rachel away to be warmed up. I wanted to call out to my baby, when I realised that I was not told of the gender! Should I be calling the baby Rachel of Ryan (the name we have chosen if I were to give birth to a baby boy). I asked Dr.B and to my amazement, he actually looked back at me, look at the nurse, and asked, what gender is the baby? The nurse then had to unwrap Rachel to check! hahaha..... I also remember Rachel crying, remember me calling out to her asking her not to cry, remember the nurse saying Rachel's a sweet name, but other than that, I don't remember much anymore, cuz I dozed off! :(

I was very uncomfortable on the labour bed, waking up on and off, feeling all numb and tired. I also remember a nurse waking me up at 3am, to tell me she has decided for me, and gave Rachel their normal milk bottle instead the the Avent milk bottle that I have asked them to use, and being blur from all this, I remember telling her I want to breastfeed, to which she reply but your baby want to drink milk now, I have already given her milk, but not with Avent bottle, cuz baby cannot suck, is it OK?
WAT!? You already gave, can I still say no now?
Then I dozed off again, angry... :(
I was moved back to the ward around 6am, and couldn't sleep anymore, so i ended up messaging the good news to all my friends, and asking hubby when he'll be coming again, so I can go see Rachel! hehehe....

I believe I was very blessed, that my major contraction pain didn't last too long.

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