Friday, May 26, 2006

I have been knitting a blanket and a cap for BB, and kept reminding BB not to arrive before I complete. I completed it about 11:30pm of 25 May 2006. Feeling relief, and satisfied with the product, I pack up and went to bed.

At 1am on 26 May 2006, I woke up feeling uneasy due to tummy ache. Went to toilet and no 'big business' so I went back to bed as it's still so early.

I couldn't really sleep, tummy still aching and it feels like start of menstruation. Realised it's only 2am, I went to toilet to pee, and saw tiny blood stain. I suddenly realized, IT'S TIME! Woo Hoo! It is time! But right after that, I instantly felt nervous! When I woke hubby up, I remember I was trying hard to control myself from trembling, and told hubby, 'WEI, you cannot go to work tomorrow liao!' HaHaHa….

Hubby jumped up and asked what's wrong, then asked if I want to go to hospital now. Because it was just a very little blood, I told him to get back to sleep and we'll go the next morning (Well, he needed the good rest to accompany me mar).

I tried going back to bed, but I only manage to doze off a little, then waking up again and again, so I just went to the living room and watched TV! Hubby came out and checks on me a few times, and was sent back to bed, because I still didn't want to go to the hospital. I wasn't feeling any major pain, just normal uneasiness in the tummy. I also remember reading about walking more to speed up dilation, and don't want to be strapped in the hospital bed waiting, it's just 5 minutes drive away, and waiting in either place, it's the same.

I messaged my mum and mother in law. Mum called at 5am (the time she wakes up to go to shop) asking "Where are you? Why still at home? Bleeding still didn't go hospital? Make sure you eat more so you have energy to push!"… heheheh…. Mother in law called at 7am, had the same worry, why are you guys still at home? HAHAHA…. I bet I drove both of them up the wall with worry that morning!

Hubby got up around 6am, got ready, and sat around. At that time, I was starting to feel a little more painful, and there are interval minor pain that comes and goes (contraction ler). So we decided to go to the hospital, but must eat breakfast first! Hahaha…. I'm such a greed when it comes to food… *wink*

We got ready and drove around, looking for Dim Sum… Imagine my mum's worry when I told her I'm sitting in a DimSum shop eating!

Anyway, we reach the hospital about 8:30am, and were sent to the labour ward for check. I was then told that I am only 1.5cm dilated, and was told to wait in the labour room, beside a lady that was about due to give birth, sweating from pain and breathing in and out heavily! Looking at her, I was afraid I might chicken out, so I asked for transfer, and was very lucky to be given the only single bed labour room.

Why was I in the labour room instead of ward? Good question! It was a busy day, too many people around, all beds are taken up!

Hubby and I ended up sitting there, playing poker cards (DaiDi). Funny isn't it? But lucky I read a book reminding me to bring playing cards for entertainment, else we would have been so bored! I got even more nervous when I overheard the lady next door giving birth, screaming in pain with the doctor's voice telling her to calm down and just push! Hubby and I were exchanging our gaze and felt nervous together, for the delivery process that is waiting ahead…..

Dr.B came to check on me at about 10am, after a few c-section and delivery, joked with me saying it's a busy morning, and he's not even expecting me, why was I there?! HeHe… But he told me that I was still only 1.5cm dilated, and forbid me from going home to wait. So I had no choice but to sit in the labour room and waited.

It was all waiting and contraction pain every 5 minutes the whole day. I nearly gave up and went for surgery instead, but good thing hubby was around to keep asking if I'd regret that decision if he allowed me to do a c-section! Around 6pm, I was still only 1.5cm dilated, no improvement! Was sent to the ward, and Dr.B came again at around 8pm, saying I should be ready for labour tomorrow morning! HOW DO I SLEEP? He ordered for a pain relief for the night.

By 9pm, contraction was getting more intense, I was dozing off, considering I didn't sleep the night before, and also the painkiller. Hubby said that I woke up during contractions, then I just mumbled and then went back to sleep! They were asking hubby to go home since 10pm, because it was an all lady ward, he was not allowed to stay with me unless I was in active labour! :(

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