Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm bloggin again AT LAST!

Well, hubby already did a 'clear' explanation of what happened on the day of birth, but I have to add that little Rachel is so good to her mommy, that she pops out faster than expected, reducing me of many hours of intense contration pain... :D

I still feel at awe looking at the little angel sleeping... She looks so peaceful, but when she starts crying, OMIGOD! Don't care of it's fake o real cryin, but when u hear it, it really tears ur heart and ears apart... Really makes me VERY confused with questions like what does she want? wat is wrong? what do i do now?
SIGH... hubby is at the end of his wits trying to stop me from worrying too much, I am also doing my best... but still, questions doesn't stop... Well, that's me I guess.... HeHeHe.... WORRY POT!

Well, babies do change all the time, not just their looks, but their temperaments, their sleeping time and eating time too.... Well, every 'experts' in the baby line (hehehe) is telling me that they'll start to settle down after the full moon (meaning the 1 month anniversary of her birth), so just 2 more weeks to wait.... Looking forward to the passing of this 2 weeks cuz it will also mean the end of my imprisonment. By the way, just to give u a preview of how bad it is, I am only allowed to take a shower (with herbs water, which are black in color) ONCE a week!!! Oh, with the end of that 1 month, it also marks the end of my NO SUSHI period, which started since I got pregnant!! So, dearest hubby, HINT HINT, I WANT MY SUSHI BUFFET!!!!! :D

Here's an updated photo of little Rachel, taken last week... I will continue to take a photo of her everyday, so she can see her own changes... It is good that we have digital cameras nowadays, so convenient.... :D