Wednesday, April 19, 2006

NOTE: Those that understand chinese will understand this dry joke. :D

A couple was talking about the wife's English Classes.....
Husband : How is your english class coming along?
Wife : I no like the teacher lar. Teacher no good. She black hearted!!
Husband : Why? What happened??
Wife : That day ah, I want go toilet, so I raised my hands and asked: "Teacher, can I do toilet?". Then ar, the stupid teacher say "Go A-Head". So I sat down lar. But after 5 minutes I really cannot tahan (can't take it) anymore, so I asked again, she somemore say "Go A-Head!". Where got so black hearted teacher?
Husband : Huh? Why you sat down when she gave you permission?
Wife : She give permission??? She say
去个头 (GO A HEAD) wor....
Husband : Go ahead means GO lar! *whack head on wall*