Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I've been getting a lot of request from friends, asking for my wish list for BB's arrival present... And seriously, if I'd really tell you my wish list, would you REALLY get it for me? Well, not much, maybe just a Honda Civic 2.0??????? :D *silly grin*

Well, to be truthful (really this time, no silly joke), I HAVE NO IDEA watsoever, on what's really needed, and what I can wish for, for BB to receive. So to make things easy, for those that really insist on getting pressies for BB, here's 2 lists that could be helpful : 1 being things we've already gotten for BB, and another, things that we wouldn't need. :)

Things We've Already Bought/Have/Received:
1) Baby cots (Yes, with an 'S')
2) Sufficient number of feeding bottles and pacifiers
3) 0-3 months clothings
4) Diapers

Things We Don't Need/Don't Plan to Use:
1) Baby cradle
2) Thermal Bags - for feeding bottles

There! Err, I've cracked 2 heads (mine and hubby's) to come up with the list, though I think it's pretty useless... hahaha.... Trust me, it's really because I HAVE NO IDEA AT ALL.... :D

I'll add items to the list as and when I think of it... ;)