Wednesday, January 10, 2007

~ Backdated Post ~
Cause : CANNOT upload to youTube!!! :(

Disclaimer : This post is purely for entertainment purposes... hehehe

During New Year Eve, we were at my uncle's place... Rachel was a little cranky, so to keep her entertained, we let her sit in front of my cousins' piano, and I 'taught' her how to make sound out of it... The first time times, her face was all crunched up, looking staring at the piano weirdly... Then she started to get the hang of it... In the end, we ended up getting the entertainment more than her... hahaha... But I have to admit, we (ME at least) got a little annoyed by the banging, and had to stop her from it... hehehe... Silly mother!

p/s: That's the maid-cum-sitter, Tina... The video's a little dark, because uncle's living room was a little dim at that time... :D

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