Tuesday, January 09, 2007

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Hehehe... That's the name of my family's coffee shop... It got featured in a magazine this month (NEWTIDE if I'm not mistaken)... They had this booklet of good food in Klang (I THINK)... (aiyah, cannot blame me lar, I don't read chinese)....

Well, I don't quite remember what they said in the article, but it was something along the line of how the shop is well known for it's coffee in Klang, and you'll see lotsa customers that frequent the shop daily etc etc etc... I DON'T READ CHINESE, needed translation from my bro, haha... But I coudln't remember lar... :D
However, I have to say this, the article was good, of course they put my mom's words into much nicer and flowery sentences with bombastic words which we didn't believe mom would have said (cuz mom also don't read chinese), which she laughed at and said she actually said something else, something more plain, but it still gives the same meaning... BUT BUT, I feel the photos taken did not do any justice to the coffee and bread! I could have taken better... Even with my Sanyo... WASTED!! Check out the photos I took below, a while back which I found on my flickr... :D
The shop has been there for 50++ years, started by my grandparents (father side)... Grandpa started with his own coffee brewing recipe, and his homemade 'kaya' (coconut jam like bread spread, hehe.. can it be called this??)... When my grandpa got old, my dad resigned from his teaching profession to take over... When he got sick (yeah, he was sick about 9 years ago, and passed away 4 years back), my mom took an early retirement from teaching (yeah lor, they met in teachers college, hehehe) and take care of the shop... For now, my brother is slowly taking it over from my mom, but even after so many change of 'management' (HAHAHA), the coffee and 'kaya' is still the same...

There are customers which comes daily for the coffee, some even a few times a day, since before my birth... These uncles and aunties are still visiting daily, and sorta like saw me grew up... Many meet daily in the shop and became drinking (coffee drinking) friends... During peak hours, you can see so many people standing and waiting for seat, you just feel like giving up... But I respect them, they still stood and waited for seat patiently... Or most of the time, share tables with someone else lor... For me, I have a special reserved place... If there's no table available, I eat at the counter, standing up... hahaha....
Tecky calls these customers drug-addicts... Cuz whenever mom closes on some public holidays, these customers will be there earlier the next day, and asking mom, why close lar? hahaha... :D

So yeah, I grew up drinking coffee... When I was younger, the bread were toasted on charcoal, but now, electric lar... I still love it... I eat since young, but I STILL eat every other week or so, when I have time to go over... Everytime I go over, the MUST haves are: toasted bread, coffee, eggs... hehehe... MUST have!!! Next time you come for visit in Klang, ring me up, I can bring you over... I've took many of my friends there, everyone love the toasted bread with the 'kaya'... It STILL is homemade (err, shopmade lar), and they are made daily....

In a Nutshell
Will I visit again : OF COURSE LAR!
Review : 8.5/10 (TOO crowded sometimes for comfort)

Tel : 03-33422469
Address : No. 1&3 Lorong Gopeng/KU1, Dataran Ocean, 41400 Klang, Selangor
Opening Hours : 7am - 6pm (Mon - Sat)

Prices : Hot coffee - RM1.10, Bread & Kaya - RM0.60/piece, Kaya - RM2.50/can

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