Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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Check this site out... They are new, but they offer SO MUCH things... Whatever you can think of for a social networking website, they have it... The list includes video uploads, games, unlimited picture uploads, blogs (those were something that really caught my eyes) and also unlimited free sms, forums, funny videos, unlimited messages to users (of course this will only be good if you get other friends to sign up too, else who would you want to send messages to?) and even birthday reminders (I didn't list all of it, check out their site if you are interested)...

However, I had some difficulties trying to signup, and the site does look a little messy... Just give them time to improve... Imagine, they are so new that their page still shows the backend select statements and backend coding... Hmm, I WOULD guess this is a programming error, but you think they did this on purpose? Anyhow, the theory is interesting, imagine the unlimited photos and video uploads we can put for our blogs... hehehe... :D

Click Here To Signup!
p/s: If the link above did not work, check out THIS LINK instead.