Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Eee.. I talk about gambling/betting a lot today hoh??? Aiyah, nemmind lar... Just today... hahaha

You know what? I bought 4d yesterday (yeah, once in a while lar), and the number I bought was 9165... According to my mom (cuz I didn't check lar, she settle for me mar), FIRST PRIZE number was 2165!!!!! WAHLAU EH!!!! Somemore, yesterday was special draw, so there was only 1 company lar, I tot got 3, so I prepared RM9 to buy, when mom told me oni 1, I said oklar, put all RM9 in (some buy big some buy small lar)... Difference of 1 number, and I could have been 21k (or more) richer!!! RM21,000!!!


p/s: I think that teaches me a lesson, money never comes easy... So work hard and stop betting! hahaha...
p/p/s: I was just told that I would have gotten RM24,000! :(