Tuesday, January 09, 2007

NOTE: Long post, without photos ahead!!

Rachel's development in terms of understanding and learning has been developing in a very fast pace lately... So I can't wait until her 8th month to post... hahaha.... Here goes:

1) Recognising People...
I'm a little surprised by this, and has been testing waters since more than 2 weeks back... But this week, it is CONFIRMED, Rachel knows how to recognise people and look for them... Why I say so?

Hehe... When I carry her, I like to ask her, eg: "Rachel, where is Daddy?"... What she'll do is, she will turn to where she thought Tecky was standing (most of the time, it's the last place where she saw him)... If he's not there, she'll turn around until she sees him... Sometimes stop at each faces along the way of her head turning, but she'll stop searching as soon as she stare at Tecky... The only thing she won't do, is when I ask her where's mommy when I'm carrying her (same goes for whoever that is carrying her, she won't look at him/her)... She can do this to nearly everyone in my family and inlaws... cool eh? hehehe...

2) Clapping
She has been clapping on demand since more than a week ago... When we say 'clap-clap' or 'pai pai chou' (Mandarin : Clap hands), she'll put her hands together and clap, together with a smiley face... (I'll post a photo of this soon)... However, she has 'overwritten' this ability on gongxi gongxi (hand movement to ask for angpow during Chinese New Year next month)... So we are trying to train her to know the difference between this 2... Last week, she will clap when we say gongxi gongxi, this week, a little better, starting to know the difference...

3) Singing
Of course it's not real singing kind of singing, but she has been showing signs of wanting to sing... Why I say this? hehehe... She has been screaming to music on and off, but I tot it was just her showing her tantrum... HOWEVER:
That day I was singing to radio, on Michael Wong (Guang Liang)'s new song, "I AM WHO I AM", and she followed suit... She'll just shout AAAAAAAAAAAAA (with an '0' shape lips and pulling it long in 1 breath, even when she's out of breath, she'll stop to breath and then continue), but when I stop for breath, she'll stop, then when she hear me continue, she'll go AAAAAAAAA again... I HAD to take a video of this, but then, err, was too happy hearing her 'sing' to remember... *slap forehead*...
Yesterday, when I reach home from work, my mom was singing '10 little indian boys' to her, and clapping, she was happily doing her AAAAAA and clapping along... I couldn't take video, cuz camera with Tecky in Brunei! *slap forehead*
This 'stunt' of hers is VERY dependent on mood... she happy, she'll do it, she will not do it when she's in new surroundings and busy kepoh-ing around....

4) Sayang (Malay: Caress in sign of love/affection(?????)) people
Yesterday night, for gazillion times, when I tell her "Rachel, sayang xiao ah kiu (my youngest brother)", she'll raise her hands to his cheek (hehe, yeah, I showed her this everytime I say sayang)... When I tell her to sayang kak tina (the maid), she'll raise her hands to her cheek!! But when I ask her to sayang mommy, 4 times(!!!) she oni did it once! :(

Of course, when she's cranky or when she's attracted by something therefore not paying attention to us, she wouldn't be bothered with whatever we ask her to do! *roll eyes*

No photos to show for this post... :|

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