Friday, September 15, 2006

Rachel is getting used to faking her cries..... Whenever someone pulled her toys away, or when no one pays attention to her, or when she gets bored of where we were standing and wants us to walk around.... She WAILS!! UUWAAHHHHHHH UUWWAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! *slaps forehead*

Hubby will tell me "LET HER CRY! Else she get too pampered, let her know she can't get her way" one time, but other times, he'll carry Rachel and say, "Rachel don't cry, Daddy sayang, you want to walk? OK OK, Daddy walk walk", and proceed in walking up and down and up and down non stop.... I have to admit that it's the same for myself, I can't resist either...

When she wants attention, she's cry, then look around if anyone looks at her or not, else she'll cry again and then check again.... aiyoh! Here's her first video post, of her faking her cry and checking for attention.... ;)
NOTE: Took me 2 days to successfully upload to youTube!! *phew*