Thursday, September 14, 2006


Rachel has been VERY fussy!! I don't understand too, how she will ALWAYS fuss at 8pm, if we are still in my mum's place or in my in law's place. She'll fuss and cry and struggle, but as soon as we reach home, she'll be ok....

This is limiting our time away from home at night, ensuring that we always get home around that time... We are guessing that she's starting to recognise the house, recognising that she wants to be at home by night time, but then again, she's still SO young, could that be possible?? Doesn't really make sense but then it has been like this for a while, not a 1 or 2 times coincidence, but it's the same day in day out.... *puzzled*

I'm a little tired today, more photos tomorrow.... *YAWN*

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