Monday, September 11, 2006

We did a check on little Rachel's weight, after a 2 weeks 'diet', and dissapointingly, she put on a whooping 300gms through the 2 weeks....

WEIGHT : 6.6 kg
LENGTH : 61 cm

She started to:
  1. Grab/lung for things that comes in front of her (and putting them into her mought)
  2. Laugh in reaction of playing peekaboo: No, not coincidentally, but everytime we do it to her.
  3. Recognise familiar/stanger's faces: Yesterday night, when a family friend wanted to carry little Rachel from me, (she just woke up, looking dazed and comfortably laying on my chest), Rachel actually cling onto my t-shirt collar, stare at the family friend, and started crying! As soon as the friend let go of her hands, she stopped. There were initial signs, but we didn't think it was possible, until this event.

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