Thursday, June 22, 2006

Finally, I can smell the end of the confinement month... YES!! It's coming to an end soon (this Sunday, meaning 2 and a half days from now)!!! Also mean that all the extra intake of supposedly NUTRITIOUS chinese traditional herbs and stuff will come to an end (a bowl a nite, before sleep), the limitation of my food intake will be lifted, and I move about FREELY, without the watchful eyes of the confinement lady over me at all times....

However, sincerely, I think that hubby should be more relief with the coming of the full moon day, as he will not have to rush up and down between work, apartment, in law's house and my mum's house... Poor thing isn't it? He's now coming down with sinus since yesterday night... I don't know if it's because he's not getting enough sleep and rest from all this running around.

Who says pregnancy and labour is hard on the wife only? In my case, I believe it's hard for hubby too. Pregnancy time, he have to deal with me when I deal with the BB in me.
Labour time, he have to deal with me and the nurses when I deal with the contraction pain and the wait, he have to run around getting things sorted out, when I only lay there concentrating on NOTHING but the contraction pain, he have to figure out where to put himself, so that he'll be around for the delivery but still out of the way of the nurses when they are busy sorting things out... He was the one that ran around, getting/buying/bringing things that I forgotten to bring with me in the labour bag, he's the one that responded to each and every of my demands and sms's.
Confinement time, he again, was the one sent to run around for errands and things that I need which are left in the apartment, he have to deal with me and my problems of confinement when at the same time having to go to work. Having to run around between working, family, and errands, then going home to an empty apartment every night. Mostly, having to deal with my temper and problems of confinement, I hope that all this is not taking it's toll too much on hubs. I consider myself VERY lucky and blessed, that hubby is totally understanding and all.

People say that for those hubbys that goes into labour with the wife, they'll learn to appreciate the wife more, to love them more after seeing the kind of pain that she goes through... I'm sure that is totally right, but how come no one says anything about the wife being more appreciative of the husband and to love him more, after seeing all the trouble and exhaustion that he goes through with the her? Let me be the first to start, I was very glad that hubby was with me through it all, making sure everything is in place and looked into, comforting me in all the times that my emotional self fails me terribly, and pulling me through this confinement period... :)