Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yesterday when I got home, Tina (our maid cum baby sitter) told me in a very sad tone, "Rachel kena gigit nyamuk, tadi Uncle bawa dia keluar" (Malay : Rachel got bitten by mosquitoes, Uncle took her out just now) .

I checked, and guess what, there were THREE (!!!) BIG HUGE RED mozzy bite marks.... 1 on her right eye brow, another next to the right eye, and the last one on the left of her head among her hair.... :(

So sakit hati (Malay : Heart broken)... 1 evening out with her granduncle, and 3 mozzy bites! I think because granduncle's living room is a little dark, and there's ALWAYS lotsa mozzy there...

As at 16 September 2006, the records of her mozzy bites gotten during the care of:
Granduncle TF : 3 mozzy bites
Grandmom : 1 mozzy bite
Kak Tina : 1 mozzy bite

Tina didn't know better, and applied Drapolene nappy rash onto the bites (hehehehe). Found that funny, like Drapolene was a miracle oilment for all things growing on the skin that is red? hehehe.... I did apply some Savlon after wiping her for the night, it still is bright red today morning... :|