Friday, June 23, 2006

I think I have killed some huge amount of my brain cells through the process of labour and confinement.... Confinement probably kills the higher percentage though..... You asking me why?????

I realised that my concentration is MUCH lower, my brain just kind of shut itself off while I listen to people talk, and when I realise it, they have finished talking and I have no idea what they have told me, I can't think of how to put things I want to say in proper words, my memory sucks so much it's worse than hubby's now, and it really hit me hard when I could not figure out what's the result of multiplying 3 and 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the laziness of confinement doesn't help, seriously... It's resting my brain too much that it's probably killing more cells than before... Hopefully, I will still have some brains left when I go back to work.... hahaha...

On another note, Rachel woke up happy today, had her morning feeding, and when I carried her, gave me a largest longest smile she has ever given since birth... Wasted I didn't have any camera on hand, else it'll make a SUPER nice photo.... Oh, she also likes to be talked to!! I was talking to her, telling her the events on Sunday, and she smiled to me a few times (yeah, she probably doesn't know she's smiling to me), but she looked no where except towards me, without crying.... I'm happy.... :D