Friday, January 12, 2007

This post is sponsored by Fuzzy Hosting.

I've been contemplating on getting my own domain and own web hosting for a while now... Seeing so many other mommy/daddy blogs moved to their own domain and Website Hosting, makes my hands SO SO itchy (wanna do it too)...

When I saw this on PPP, I jumped at the opportunity... Fuzzy Hosting is actually one of the MANY web hosting services providers that I've come across, that provides hosting features that meets 99% of the blogging software! NINETY NINE PERCENT!!!

They actually offer reliable hosting services that comes with 24/7 (ALL TIME LAR) support for all technical problems or even queries, and they do not oversell their hosting services therefore does not cause congestions to their servers... For now, they are even giving PayPerPost members special discounts for the web hosting service.

Why pay when you can get free web hosting services from the provider your blog is already residing now? BECAUSE, you can do A WHOLE LOT more if you have your own web hosting... Should give this a try...