Friday, January 12, 2007

Pie Cravings

I have been having cravings on meat pie... :(
You see, meat pies in aussie-land is SUPER-LICIOUS!!!! YUMMY... Thinking of it makes me salivate... (yeah yeah, my diet, dun care lar)...

I just don't understand, how come it's SO different there and here... Even those cheap AUD2 for 4 pies from Woolsworth taste so much nicer... And the Quiche I bought from central market... :(

I saw this frozen pie in ColdStorage the other day, and it was stated there, AUSSIE PIE!!! WOW! I bought it, didn't even bother about the price... Oven toasted it at home, and VERY DISSAPOINTED... :(

Anyone got any GOOD pie (must be easy to obtain ar, dun tell me aussie-land) to intro????

p/s: The picture shows the 2nd batch, where I put some cheddar cheese on top to TRY to make it tastier... But still... I STILL CRAVES... and NO, I AM NOT pregnant... :D