Monday, November 06, 2006

We were at 1U! Rachel's 1st time there... :P
My long overdue Japanese Buffet (promised since I was pregnant) finally came through... We went to Shogun, yeah, Tina (the helper cum babysitter) included... Nothing to shout about, food was just OK, I really wouldn't go back a 2nd time, cuz I don't think it's worth the money... :D
A big headache in Shogun as little Rachel was SO SO SO fussy, crying and kicking, the waiters were crowding near our table, probably waiting for us to shout for help... What I did was made her milk (an hour early), put her in the pram, shove her the bottle, and continue eating... Good thing she already started to hold her own bottle... Bad mommy eh?? hahaha

We also bought this cute headband for Rachel (the one she wearing in the picture) there, yeah, I used 'WE' here, but in actual, I chose, and hubby paid... hahaha... Both the grandmother loved it, VERY MUCH! More than me actually, hahaha... Except the time in Shogun, Rachel was pretty good... She just look around and then dozed off...

On Sunday, we gave Rachel her first solid food... It was a TOTAL disaster! We tried the Nestle Brown Rice Cereal, and I give up! I totally give up!! We did give her a little earlier than her actual feeding time, to make sure she don't get frustrated due to her hunger... But from the looks of it, she wants to chew on the spoon more than she wants to eat, and she was also reaching for the bowl an the spoon to play with it, and it was SO SO messy... Everytime I try to feed her, her hands will come and grab the spoon too... End up, ALL of us (daddy, me and Rachel) all got too annoyed and frustrated, Rachel starting crying and fussing, and we were shouting at each other! *shame shame* At the end of it, Rachel was given her milk... :D
Any advice from anyone??

Solid aside, Rachel is already starting to sit for a short while without support. She is also starting to show signs of laziness (must have gotten that from me), even when she's holding her bottle... I've caught her doing it a few times this weekend, holding the bottle with 2 hands at first, and then resting 1 hand and only using her left hand to hold the bottle... (can see her laziness in the left picture, see her right hand? RESTING!)

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