Friday, October 27, 2006

Got tagged by Julian, so here goes... Better not break the cycle eh? :|

4 things many don't know:
  1. The toenail on my right leg (2nd toe) is black in color. Not because I knock it or n'thing, but I was born with it.
  2. My black toenail, at first just a black line, then as I grew, the black color also grew (yes, new toenail that grew is also same color)... In Secondary, the whole toenail is black in color, now as I grow 'OLDER', the black color is decreasing, only half (vertically) of it is black, and it's growing smaller... (I'm cheating a bit right? Talking about the same thing for 1 and 2... haha, but it's 2 different facts mar)
  3. I was heavier when I was in college, compared to the time when I was 9 months pregnant
  4. err... I don't read/write chinese!! I only speak Mandarin.... :D (That do count right? hehe)
4 movies I could watch over and over:
  1. The Sounds of Music (AGES AGO RIGHT??)
  2. Jacky Chan's Movies (MOST of them)
  3. Nice movies lor... I also cannot think now... :D
4 places I have lived:
  1. Mentakab, Pahang
  2. EngAnn, Klang
  3. Adelaide, Australia
  4. Bayu Perdana, Klang

4 TV shows I love:
  1. TVB dramas
  2. Project Runway
  3. Fear Factor (SO GROSS)
  4. Amazing Race
(and lots lots more)

4 places I've been for vacation:
(How to remember all lar???? Just those more memorable one....)
  1. Hong Kong - Honeymoon
  2. Pangkor Laut - 2nd Honeymoon
  3. Adelaide, Australia - After graduation, to visit good friends (that include the person I now call hubby.. :D)
  4. UK (London, Newcastle, Scotland) - For brother's graduation
4 of my favourite food:
  1. ALL fast food - Mc'D, KFC, A&W, etc. etc. etc.
  2. ALL brands/type/flavours of Ice Cream
  3. JUNK FOOD!!! hahaha
  4. DURIAN!!! - yummy... I can eat non stop, no matter how full I am....
(My eating habits is VERY VERY bad, hubby is saying that next time he'll need Rachel to control my eating... hahaha)

4 places I would rather be now:
  1. Adelaide, Australia - I LOVE THAT PLACE!!!!!!!!!!
  2. At home doing nothing... :D
  3. 2 of Any vacation spots - Maldives, Korea, UK, Bali, anywhere!!!!
(That makes more than 4 right? hehehe)

4 favourite songs:
  1. At the Begining (Richard Marx & Donna Lewis) - Wedding Song
  2. Most of Ronan Keating's Songs
  3. Most of Michael Wong Guang Liang's Songs
  4. Most Pop songs...
Who I want to tag next:
eee... Can I opt not to tag?? Too many to choose from liao, to pick only 4, too difficult... :D