Friday, October 27, 2006

Rachel is 5 months old today!!!

Weight: 7.3kg
Height: 64.5cm

Rachel's Update:
  1. She drinks 6.5oz of milk every 4 hours. Actually I think she can last longer than that, but that will add up to be too little for her weight, so I decided to feed every 4 hours.
  2. She can now sleeps until 7 or 8 when hubby and I are not working, but wakes up around 6:30am when we do.
  3. She holds her own milk bottle all the time.
  4. She could sit with support, but will still always fall in front when she try to reach for things to play with.
  5. She can lift herself up about 45degrees, wonder when she'll be able to sit up (TOO ambitious huh?)
  6. She's starting to pay attention to her toes, trying to reach it a bit, but probably because of her big tummy, couldn't reach without any help from us.
  7. She can now turn and prop herself up, but only to her left hand side.
  8. She rubs her eyes or the front of her head when she's sleepy, and will fake a cry and make noises that sounds like 'Ah-Nyen-Nyen-Nyen' when seeking attention or wants to be carried.
  9. She tends to want to stay awake (giving a fight when we try to let her sleep) on weekends or holidays, when she see daddy and mommy around.
  10. She starts to be picky of who carries her, sometimes will fuss when daddy carry, but quiet down as soon as mommy takes over, or vice versa.
  11. She is STILL drooling non stop.
  12. She'll shriek and giggle when we tickle her or play with her.
  13. She likes to play with her saliva, spitting it out and 'making bubbles' out of it.
  14. When we say 'kok kok' (knock knock) to her and put something in front of her head, she will know how to close her eyes and bang her head forward to knock... My mom thought her this! :D
What I enjoy most of her is when she smiles back when you look at her when she's in a good mood... Sometimes, when I am all frustrated, stare at her and ask "WHY YOU SO NOTTY?", shewill quiet down, just look back and give me a big cute smile, and that's it, I'm happy again... *slaps forehead* How to make sure she don't get over pampered?? haha... When she's in this kinda mood, we don't have to play or tickle or talk to her, just a simple smiling with her, will be enough to make her smile back, most of the time with her yes shut (cuz too small mar) and showing her gum... hahaha...

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