Monday, October 30, 2006

Rachel was down with fever last Saturday (28 October 2006)!!

In the morning, I thought I felt that she was a little warmer than usual, took a temperature from her armpit, and it shows 37! Being the ignorant mommy I am, 37 OK MAR! No fever! So I gave her a bath, and allowed her some playing time in the water...

Late morning, she was warmer than morning, and this time I am quite certain she's having fever, but again, the temperature taken from her armpit shows otherwise! We did took her to the paed (my aunt) since my brother was having a bad fever too... There, she was measuring 37.3, so we thought, OK lar, minor only...

Little did I know, my aunt then told me, "AIYOH!!! Must add 0.5 if temperature taken from armpit. You didn't know ar? So she's actually 37.8 degree C"
*SLAP FOREHEAD* like that ar, since morning she already having fever ler!

To all new parents : Always add 0.5 to the temperature if you measured from the armpit yeah... Remember! :D

So, Rachel was down with fever on Saturday, and it stretched to Sunday, but she's ok now... Because I bought coolFever for my little bro (high temperature), I put the other piece on Rachel too, and I think she look cute... hehehe... Anyway, after reading the instructions saying it shouldn't be put on rashes etc skin, we took it out, then somehow, stuck it to the back of her head! hahaha.... What to do, Rachel got naughty parents.... :D

Below is the slide that shows Rachel taking medicine... I expected it to be harder, but she was OK, probably because the medicine was sweet, so she just spit out a little while trying to swallow, and I stuck her water bottle into her mouth to allow her to swallow the way she knows how to...

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