Monday, September 25, 2006

We went for the exhibition, in mid valley, so little Rachel got to go Mid Valley again... She was good, no major fussing, but I on the other hand, wasn't feeling very well on our way there. It was raining cats and dogs too... :(

I got what I wanted. Haha... We bought a baby sling from baybsupplies. Cost us RM99, not a bad deal, as the retail price was RM190. Washed and tried it, it was good.... Comfortable for little Rachel and me too. But hubby made a stand in not going to ever use it, cuz he says it looks like I'm wearing SARI! hehehe.... He kept complaining saying it cost too much for a silly piece of cloth though.... *shrug*
I'll post some photos of it when I have the chance. Did not manage to take photo of it yesterday when we tried it out though.... :D

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