Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I know I've just added a blog entry an hour or so ago, but I was just faced with this, and thought I'd blog about it, while I am still onlin.....

I guess it's a normal thing, where at every stage of your life, people tend to ask u the same old same old questions....

When you are studying....
- when are you going to graduate?
- where are you studying?
- what course are you in?

When you graduated....
- have you found a job?
- where are you working?
- what do you do?
- got boyfriend (bf)/ girlfriend (gf) or not?
- when are you going to get yourself a bf/gf? (if you don't already have one)

When you are in a relationship.....
- when are you getting married?

When you are married and childless.....
- when are you planning to have kids?

When you have just been blessed with a little kiddo.....
- who does the baby look like?
- how do you feel about parenthood?
- how many kids are you planning to have?
- when are you planning to have the next kid?

Now Now... I know it's all just ice breaker or topic starter, but sometimes, it's pretty annoying... SERIOUS!! Well, from the flow of the questions I have put up, I'm sure you fall into/experienced at least 1 of the examples, and have been irrated by it one time or another..... For now, I fall into the scenario of the last example, and *OMIGOD* it's annoying!!!!!

How I know who the baby look like, and seriously, does who the baby look like THAT important??? OK OK, i'm cool, it's ok to ask, but don't ask me EVERY single time you see me online, or every single time you talk to me. Yeah, everyone heard of the saying, babies changes look ALL the time.... but doesn't justify the need to ask me 'who does Rachel look like, you or your husband?' every other day!! :P
For me, she looks like herself, Rachel Huan! PERIOD! It doesn't matter if she looks more like my husband or me, this question should only be so significant in the case of the father of the child is not my husband... Then I will have to worry every single day, if the baby will turn out looking like that guy I had a one night stand with, or the guy I had a 2 monts affair with, or my husband... THEN it will be significant, else, her genes comes from either my husband or me, and which of the 2 she resembles more, DOES NOT MATTER!

When I'm getting another kid? Please, I have not even settled into the routine/schedule/lifestyle of this kid, I have not and choose not to, think of the next. I still am scared of the post natal experience of confinement month, so I'm just tempted to tell you I DON'T PLAN TO HAVE ANOTHER! So if I choose not to think of when I'm getting a 2nd baby, I don't think it's an appropriate time to ask me how many kids I'm planning to have in total....

How is motherhood? If you are so interested, get one. :D
No, I'm serious... Get one.... Cuz, I really don't know how to explain to you... All I can say is, OK LA! :P