Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm STILL on maternity leave.... :D

I'm without internet connection for most of my time at home, as there's no phone line in the apartment, and I'm too lazy to come over to my mum's house. Everything evolves around Rachel now, even my schedules is depending on hers! Bringing her out is pretty troublesome for now, having to ensure that I have all the necessities ready, and before leaving the house, ensuring that she has been fed, cleaned, and rested enough, and so on and so forth!!!!

Sitting at home, seeing time passing by, that sucks... Like counting down to the days where I have to go back to work again! Unappreciative idiot I AM!! Worrying about what's coming up, and letting go of what's happening.... hahaha.... But its crazy, like I'm looking forward to weekends, where hubby will be at home with us, but with every coming of a weekend, it also signifies the lost of another week of maternity leave.... :(

Rachel's timing is chaotic, she sleeps in the day time, and fusses at night!! I'm trying to push her time around, but I don't know if I'm doing it correctly!! I worry about a zillion things too.... It's all stressing me up!!! I really have to 'stop worrying and start living'. (The title of the book hubby has handed to me to read! :D)