Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What is the thing you hate most about work?

For me, it's office politics... IT SUCKS!! (hasn't been a lot of negativity in this blog for a while, but now it's back! hahaha)

I hate sucking up to bosses, and I despise people that does... How could they defy themselves by nodding to something that they don't even agree of, just because the boss says it... I see how 'fruitful' this act is, but is it really worth 'selling' your own self?? Sometimes of course we can't do much about it if the bosses are stubborn such that they don't admit to their wrongs, but these people always just sucked up to bosses' ideas...

Most of the time, you step all over other people to suck up on those above you, not realising that one day, the stepping stones that you used, might turn up to be one that you have to suck up on! How come people never thought of how things would be when the table is turned around??
I guess part of me is just angry when thinking about it, but I don't really want to figure it out, because I don't really want to be in any end of this sucking up game...

A note to Rachel : Dear Rachel, DO NOT EVER turn out to be at the sucking end of the game eh? Stay clear of work politics, and succeed with your own capabilities instead of succeeding by being such a sucker! Learn to dodge though, do be stepped on by all this 'work politician'! :D

p/s: To Michelle's comment, I'm not writing this because I'm facing it or anything in this current office, but just a thought that came across from hearing from friend today... Sorry for misleading... I must postscript, else if my HR finds out, I will be questioned eh? HAHAHA...


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