Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Remember my post about how chaotic trying to give Rachel semi-solid food was?? We have tried Milan's Rusk, and she LOVES it... She had one on Saturday, one whole rusk soften into a smooth cereal like texture. She didn't have enough even after finishing the whole piece, kept crying until we gave her milk... She will have her mouth open in a big 'O' shape towards the spoon or she'll fake a fuss when you remove the spoon! However, she got better on Sunday, not as fussy as the day before, still finished 1 whole piece, kept having her eyes on the bowl and opening her mouth towards the spoon...
Yesterday, I tried something different... Without the bowl and spoon! I only gave her 1/2 a piece though, cuz she finished her milk an hour ago (when I return from work)... I dip the rusk in water, until it's soften, then I slowly put the soften rusk into her mouth... SHE LOVES IT!! She was so so anxious and so excited about it, look at how messy she was! But she looks so darn cute... Below is the video showing her anxious ('kam cheng') self, until can hear her slurping sometimes... (I couldn't upload previously, YouTube was acting up!) :D

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