Friday, November 10, 2006

That was my thought when I think of acupuncture... But I gave it a try yesterday... My cousin sister opened a new shop in Klang (she's from Batu Pahat, Johor)... I wasn't brave enough to snap photos of the needles poked into my shoulder and arms up to the finger... But hmm, not painful lar... hehehe

Oh, she also did a detoxification for me, and it's done by having this small 'cups' (what do you call them ar?) heated up and then sucked on my back... The first part, where she moved it around was very relaxing, it was like a relaxing massage... Then the pressure was increased, and the 'cups' were left there for 5 minutes... It was relaxing, but below photo shows the after effect... hahahaI must admit, I do feel better after the whole 'therapy', but it does look like I was tortured! HaHaHa... It cost me RM20 (actual price was RM50, hehe, she was having some promotion) for the whole near 2 hours session.... I think I'd be going back for more... She also has the slimming therapy, where she uses acupuncture to suppres the appetite (when questioned, she mentioned you will still want to eat, just controlling it), increases the digestive system and metabolism... I think she's charging RM580 for 10 sessions... Attractive... But that will mean more 'torturing' hours... :D


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