Monday, December 04, 2006

Well, the stay in hospital was CANCELLED!! Why ar?

I was actually all prepared, laptop, photos, dvd, scrapping layouts and all, to cure the boredom and control the fear at night, Rachel and maid sent to inlaw's house and all... In the end, the stay was NOT ALLOWED!!!! They only allow stay overs for single room patients! Like that also got ar? ehh, didn't know leh... We did contemplate to upgrade to single room and pay off the difference between insurance coverage and room charges ourselves, but then were afraid that it will void the whole coverage, therefore did not...

Hubby and I stayed with MIL (which at that point of time, were all drowsy, dozing in and out of sleep, not knowingly) until 10:30pm... There's this couple that visitted the next bed patient there too... I tell you, they are SO SO inconsiderate... The joked and talked and laughed, like they are in PASAR (market) leh... I was SO tempted to go over and tell them to please leave so MIL can rest well... Good thing MIL was still drowsy, else!!! ISH!

Anyway, everything is well now, but as predicted, a very busy and tiring weekend... Running here and there, in and out of hospital... By the way, MIL passed wind and motion the day after the operation, which was EXCELLENT, so she started soft food since Saturday! She also started walking and LAUGHING on Saturday too, which is the day after the surgery... Doesn't even look like a person after operation lar... Which made things very easy for everyone else lar... :D