Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rachel received another gift yesterday, my colleague (Alice) and her hubby got her a dress... It's a gift from the kaima (Godmom)!! haha... Well, no lar, no actual 'shueng kai' ceremony (those prayers and rituals), just call for fun kind lor... :D
The photo shows us trying the dress on for her after work yesterday... Fits quite well eh? haha... :D

On another note, we gave her half a banana (pisang emas) yesterday too... I mashed it up and gave it to her... I was directed by my aunt (Rachel's paed) to add some milk to it, cuz she was afraid that Rachel is not used to the taste (something new mar), so the milk will give her the taste she knows, but I did not (naughty mother eh)... Rachel ate all of it up... She was a bit slow though, I suspect it's the baby chair, cuz she was banging and hitting it, looking left and right, having a blast... I think she's as greedy when it comes to food, as her mommy is... hahaha... She's already starting to swallow better, and creating less of a mess compared to a week ago... I'm still deciding when to start daily porridge... *scratch head*

I receive so many comments about wanting to pinch Rachel, so what this naughty mommy did was to pinch her on behalf of all, while snapping a photo and now there, uploaded for all to see... hehehe.... SO chubby right?! AIYOH... Don't lar scold me, I didn't really pinch lar, just a little affectionate pressure on her cheek... :D

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