Monday, November 27, 2006

Rachel is 6 (SIX SIX SIX SIX SIX!!!) months today!!
(Again, SIX!!!!! SIX MONTHS ALREADY!! *slaps forehead* SO FAST!!)

  • 6.5oz milk, every 4 hours (except night - sleeps from 9pm to 6am)
  • 1 semi-solid a day (banana, papaya, rusk, cereal)
  • holds own milk bottle
  • can turn over all the way on left side
  • can sit unsupported
  • can pull up to standing position
  • can stand supported for a short while
  • can remove the hankershief that covers face with a swift hand motion, sometimes throw it on the floor too
  • knocks her head forward when you say 'kok kok' (hokkien: knock knock) and put your head in front of hers
  • knows how to lift her right hand towards your stretched out hand, when told to 'shake hand' (see video)
  • VERY bad tempered
  • throws tantrum (cry and fuss and shout) when don't get things her way
  • VERY impatient (if we are slow in feeding her the next spoonful of solid, she'll cry and fuss and sometimes not want to eat anymore)
  • BABY TALKS!! (what else?)
  • Sometimes shouts out (arrghhh) when seeking attention
  • When frustrated, babbles in her language that sounds like:
    • paa paa paaa (sometimes paauuu paauu)
    • neen neeen neenn
    • maaa maaaa (sometimes maamm maammm)
    • other unspell-able sounds

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