Wednesday, November 29, 2006

SIGH... I'm looking at a busy busy scary weekend...

I'll be on leave this friday, as mother-in-law will be admitted to SJMC and Tecky (hubby) and I will be sending her there and accompanying her, cuz she is kinda afraid of the surgery... She has fibroid in her uterus, and the operation is to remove the whole system, ovaries and all... She has to be in the hospital for a good 5 days, after the near 2 hours operation...
(That's why have to miss a birthday party this saturday for you-know-who... Sorry yeah... )

As she don't have any daughters, and only one daughter-in-law for now, I am feeling the responsibility to take care of her... I know since no one is going to be around that could stay the night with her and that she was hoping someone will after hearing from grandma about the need to have a person with her, being the DIL I know I should, cuz she got no daughter also mar... But but but... I VERY SCARED OF HOSPITALS LAR!!!! When gave birth to Rachel, the whole night I cannot sleep and kept waking up, and I have to admit, at one point I was paranoid until I cried. I'm damn scared of hospitals at night lar... AIYOH!!! How leh? :(

Anyway, I was thinking of making porridge for her after the operation, any suggestion on what is good for after operation patients??

Eee... updated due to Timo's comment, no lar, it's not sexist... Just that her insurance only allowed shared rooms, and that said, men cannot stay the night mar...
As for the why I'm afraid of hospitals, I don't know, maybe, but but, it's just an automatic fear that creeps up and I don't know why... I'm just SCARED... maybe it reminds me of all the bad incidents I have with hospitals as Tecky puts it, maybe the ghost stories we hear or we see since young, maybe, maybe, maybe, I don't know.... Is there such thing as hospitaphobia????