Friday, November 24, 2006

Nadia asked for Rachel's photo today afternoon, and I sent her a few which I think is clear... This was what she came back with after a while!! Pretty isn't it?

Hope you can see the words that she put in, it's the lyrics of the kid song that goes "Hush lil baby, don't say a word, papa gonna buy you a mockingbird, if that mockingbird don't sing, ........"

Ain't her creative?? She said as soon as she say the pic, the song came to her... I wouldn't have thought of putting in the song into that picture to scrap, if I was doing it... She gave the picture I took more meaning, it was just a picture I snap of Rachel while she was fussing, but Nadia's scrapping gave it so much more credit... I LIKE!! :D

Can check out all her other creative scrappings for Irfan (her CUTEY PIE son)... :D