Friday, December 29, 2006

Is it just me, or is Maxis service deteriorating???

Since I changed to my iPaq, I have requested for their MMS and GPRS settings... Well, you see, they have to email me the steps cuz there's no automated sms for iPaqs... So well, OK! I waited... Waited and waited I did, but it took them more than 1 month!!!!!! I called them yesterday and demanded them to get it sent, and got the email today morning...

I did all the settings, but I STILL CANNOT CONNECT! Why leh?

So call them I did... *GRRRR*
I was all ready to scold the person that picks up, but lucky Maxis, the person was so soft spoken and so polite, tak sampai hati to scold pulak! hahaha.... But the reason she gave me was a bit perplexing... Maybe anyone of you knows, can tell me ar?

She said, my sim card is activated with 3G, GPRS & MMS (cuz previously using N70 mar), but now the iPaq I use, no 3G, so I have to deactivate 3G to be able to use GPRS???!! Err, I told her to try, but but, it doesn't really make sense does it? Anyone can explain ar????
Oh, I'm still waiting for the 2 hours deactivation & activation process... So don't know if it'll work later or not... *shrug*