Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This photo is not edited on purpose! Cuz I don't think it's worth the effort! hahaha

You see, we were on this inclined lift in KekLokSi Temple (I don't know why we paid RM4 for it!!! *roll eyes*)... I was carrying Rachel and standing at the front of the 'lift', looking out... I moved to the corner to allow space for a friend to squeeze in to take photos...

The next thing I know, my friend was practically 'forced' out of the space I made for her, by this idiotic japanese aunty! AIYOH! She then squeeze me even more, to create space for herself, and her grandkid, so she can see the lift moving up!!!!!!!!

Later, my friend told me that this SUPER RUDE aunty, 'flicked' her back, like signalling an 'excuse me' kinda thing, and then moved herself in... HELO!? No manners ar? As my friend said, if you want to let your grandkid in, we totally understand, she short mar, wanna see mar... JUST SAY LAR! Do you need to FORCED everyone else away? HELO!? I'm carrying a baby also lar, cannot see ar? Somemore forced me to thecorner that I already was... Somemore dare to stare at me!!!!!! And I have ALWAYS thought that Japanese are polite! It was already like sardine packed in there, but I just have to take her photo and show you guys how RUDE she actually look... Even from her face, can see her rudeness... *SO ANGRY*

Anyone know her? TEACH her some lesson! BAH!!!

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