Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Doesn't she look like a BIG GIRL in the photo?
Photo taken in Tapah rest area on our way back from Penang on 25th December 2006.

YEAH! You've got that right! She's 7 months old today!!!
I've put her weight and height in the lousy scrap I put together today morning... Nemmind lar, 'cincai' (Hokkien: simply) lar...

  • 7oz milk, every 4 hours (except night time)
  • 1 porridge in the morning (or afternoon depending). Consisting of sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin, tomato (in rotation or as available).
  • 1 fruit session (as available) in the evening. Variation of banana, papaya, grapes, apple, mango.
  • 2 (half out) front teeth on the bottom jaw.

New Developments:
  • can roll left and right, all the way.
  • can clasp her hands together and move it up and down when we ask her to do "GONG XI GONG XI" (yeah, preparing for angpow during Chinese New Year). But she does this sometimes without we saying it, so more training needed.
  • she moves in front towards the toy she want, by rolling back and forth , left and right, inching to the front a little everytime.
  • when supported under her arms, she can 'walk' step by step in front. (but yet to sit up by herself!)
  • has very strong arms, can lift cameras and iPaq with 1 hand.
  • started to discover her individual fingers, likes to flick the labels of toys/hanky with her index finger.
  • turns towards the person that calls her name.
  • loves to laugh when we laugh at her. Sometimes it'll be SO dramatic that you can't help but laugh even more (see video for one of the not so dramatic laughing session).
Temper :
  • Apart from having my bad temper, she gets so 'mang chang' (restless) when she wants to sleep, that she rubs her eyes (left eye then right eye then both eyes!!!) until it's SO red, see also sakit hati (heartache).
  • Screams and shout and rub her feet whenever she don't get things she wants or gets her way (to be carried or to stand).
  • Tremendous mood swing! From happy (laughing) to crying in spilt second...
p/s: YouTube having problem uploading, will put up as soon as possible! STAY TUNED!