Friday, October 06, 2006

Rachel has turned yesterday!!! However, she still doesn't know how to remove her hand from under her... So she turned, then got stucked! Can't turn more, and can't turn back! I didn't manage to see her in the turning process, so that's a little sad. This is the 2nd time we found her in the turned position, the first was on 4th of October 2006.

When I tried to make her turn again, she wouldn't! She'll just lie there, and look at me and my camera... So far, she has only turned once a day, still a little lazy I guess... hehehe.... Lets see if she'll turn more during the weekend morning exercise... :)

By the way, I'm ok now, from the food poisoning yesterday, and Rachel is officially OK from the diarrhea she had a few days back too.... Hubby came home to 2 sleeping piggies yesterday, as he reached about 11pm. Poor guy, didn't have keys, called me 2 times and I still didn't hear. After medicine mar, so sleepy and drowsy... hehehe... Come back from so many hours of flight and cab, but still have to wait outside the apartment door so long... hehehe...

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