Monday, October 02, 2006

We brought Rachel for weighing the other day, and this is for the record of Rachel when she's 4 months old.
WEIGHT : 6.9kg
LENGTH : 62.5cm

She's growing very slowly length wise... only 2.5cm this month.... hmmm..... We have also increased Rachel's feeding to 6ozs! :D

We took Rachel to Sakae Sushi in Subang Parade on Saturday.

She was looking at the sushi bar for a while, probably attracted by the movement and the colorful plates, then to the flatscreen at the side for our ordering, cuz they had the screen saver on...

She then had her feeding, before she started messing with the menu, first staring at the pages and trying to turn them, then trying to put it into her mouth, then she started fussing because I didn't allow her to.... *smack forehead* She does look VERY cute when she was trying to 'flip the pages' though... I just HAD to get hubby to snap some photos..... :)

After that, it was all downhill... She fussed, she cried, she kicked! I had to eat standing up! EVERYTIME I sit down, she'll cry! The baby sling does help, cuz I could have free hands to eat... hahaha....

On Sunday, grandpa bought Rachel a lantern! Rachel's first lantern. HeHeHe.... It's for the midautumn festival this friday. NO no... Don't worry, it's not those with candles that we burnt when we were kids, but this is a super fantastic lantern! It's battery operated, with bulb to light it up, and it has MUSIC, and it TURNS!!!!! I'll post a video when I have one... She was VERY attracted to it because of the turning and the music, but all she wanted to do with it was put into her mouth! She got VERY excited at first, but then VERY VERY annoyed later, when she couldn't eat it... Inset of the photo below, shows the short good time she had with the lantern... Very shortly after the photo was taken, she cried and fussed until she went to sleep about 30 minutes later! *phew*

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