Friday, September 29, 2006

As I posted yesterday, I was sick. Doctor's advice was, STAY AWAY FROM CHILDREN!

For the first time, my worries didn't linger around my sickness, but it went straight to, HUH?! HOW? HOW HOW HOW? How do I stay away from little Rachel?? :(

As soon as I got home yesterday, Rachel looked at me and smiled a big cute smile, and probably was wondering how come Mommy is standing like a meter away from me and not coming nearer. Then she smiled to me again and raised her right hand towards my direction. Told her I am sick, and I can't carry her. Tina (the maid/baby sitter) carried Rachel away so she won't see me. That's when little Rachel cried! I just can't let her cry on, so I showed my face again, a meter away, and she smiled and this time, raised BOTH hands in my direction! After a while, probably realising I won't be carrying her, she started crying again! It is SO TOUGH! :(

Anyway, as babies are, after staying away for like 5 minutes, she stopped crying and played with Tina... As for me, I took my medicine and slept until dinner time!

I'm feeling much better now, despite still having slight fever, but throat is at least bearable! Hubby did get some mask from the pharmacy, but Rachel just couldn't recognise me with the mask on... Hopefully the fever will go off by today evening so I can carry and hug little Rachel as usual...

This is probably the first time I'm taking all my medicine seriously, and following the time strictly! I want to get well soon so I can play with my girl, and I don't want to have virus in me that could infect her... This adds to the changes that Rachel caused in me eh? =D

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