Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rachel is 4 months today!!

She hasn't visited the paed lately, so I'll post her weight and height next week... hehe...

Rachel's Update:
  1. She likes to be carried vertically, though might still lose balance once in a while.
  2. She drinks 5.5oz (UPDATED: 165ml, as requested by TIMO) of milk every 3.5 to 4 hours.
  3. She sleeps from about 9:30pm to 6am everyday, without waking up.
  4. She'll fall asleep herself at night. Where I'll wipe her, feed her and put her on her bed and leave the room...
  5. She'll reach out with both hands in the direction of the milk bottle (I will try to shoot a video and post it online) when she sees the bottle, then will to hold it, open her mouth big and attempt to put the teat into her mouth, all by herself.
  6. She LOVE to sucks her fingers. Sleeping time, it'll mostly be her right hand, index and middle fingers. When playing time, her left hand thumb.
  7. She cry when she lost sight of the toy she's playing, or when she wants to be carried. She usually stops her fake crying as soon as she sees the camera.
  8. She holds her rattlers and other toys, and will put it into her mouth!
  9. She salivate A LOT! Always soiling her hanky, bibs, or the collar of her blause within minutes.

Rachel's greatgrandma (father in law's mom) insisted on a prayer for little Rachel's 4th Month anniversary. She also insisted in a 'stop salivating ritual' because Rachel salivate a lot, where she requested for a new bib from my mum, and some MARIE biscuits (13 to be exact). The biscuits were threaded together into necklace like, and worn onto Rachel's neck on top of the bib. Greatgrandma then said something about stopping Rachel's saliva, keep it dry and not to salivate again while she used the bib to dry Rachel's salivated chin! We were then made to hang the bib for 10-20 days in our room, and ate up all the 13 biscuits. HeHeHe...

Verdict: Rachel is STILL salivating! Well, my personal believe is that, there's really no harm doing this, and I don't lose anything but gained in all as it made greatgrandma really happy. So that was why I went along with it, though I did not believe it will stop Rachel from salivating, but I found this 'ritual' really funny, weird and 'cute' in some ways... Anyone else heard of it before? Is anyone a 'believer' that it works? It's interesting to share this kinda opinions sometimes... :D

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