Tuesday, August 08, 2006

NOTE : Haven't met Mindy for a while now, since she went to New Zealand.... For those of you that haven't seen her too, here's a photo.... :D

Well, Mindy is back, will be until end of the month... Whoever that wants to catch up, CALL CALL CALL!! :D
Anyhow, we had a MINI (I can't stress that enough) gathering in my humble apartment last saturday, and it was good, being able to catch up with the gang again, sitting and chatting while princess Rachel is being entertained by hubby (Thank you lougong!)....

Of course, knowing the lazy me, and also the hassle of cooking in the apartment, not to mention having little Rachel around, there's no cooking involved. All I did was ordered some pizzas, and prepared some coleslaw and fruit salad.. I hope everyone had fun.... :D Oh oh, and WT brought cakes!! YUMMY!! :P

For me, it was good to chat again, but of course I was distracted a lot by Rachel!! It w
as good anyhow... Time do pass very fast... We have all known each other for a long time, from secondary school, and it's cool seeing how each other have changed (somehow or rather), and it does made me think back on our form 5 days... Here's how 'old' we have became since then.... :D
Left to Right : LY, YH, SD, MT, Me & Rachel, WT