Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I think if anyone would to ask me now, "What are you best at?", I will have no doubt but to answer, WORRYING.... I bet my hubby will agree with that totally, with no second thoughts.... :|

News flash, my current worry is for my daughter to have a closer relationship with the maid/sitter as compared to me.... That she'll go running to the maid/sitter rather than to me.... Is it just me, or does any other mothers out there feels the same way???? I guess I'm VERY afraid of it happening, and end up stressing myself with worry, that I will not be able to accept it when I see it happening.... Can anyone tell me how does one prevent it from happening, considering I don't have the luxury of staying at home and not go to work?????

Anyhow, I logged into friendster today and saw a link to horoscope saying the below (for today):

The Bottom Line

Avoid spending time on your personal worries now. Distract yourself with work.

In Detail

Whatever personal dramas, problems and worries are on your mind right now don't have to stay on your mind. If you're sick of introspection and just want to continue your day without too much turmoil, go ahead and do it. Turn off that emotional voice in your head and distract yourself with work or study. Sometimes overthinking things gets you wandering around in circles, getting nowhere. Take a break and just live life without pondering every detail.