Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Today's the first day, my little princess Rachel kinda slept through the night... Although I'm sure it does not mean she will continue to do so from now on, cuz her waking time still do fluctuate between 1:30 to 4 am or so, I'm happy and I want to blog about it! hehehe

Rachel cried pretty badly yesterday evening, and after her bedtime routine, hubby succeeded in putting her to bed at about 10pm, and she slept through until 4:45am! When I awoke to her fussing, I tot I read the time wrongly, squinted and looked again, and it IS 4:45am!!!! I hope she'll self-learn to sleep through the night without me having to restrain myself from feeding her when she cries... There's lotsa training guide for baby to sleep through the night on the world wide web, I know it all seem easy, but after reading it, it does take a tough parent to succeed, as you have to endure the baby crying and not do anything about it, until she tired herself with crying and fall asleep.... And it'll take dayssss to do it, not just 1.... Sigh... I hope Rachel self-learn this... :D

About the crying little Rachel is doing nearly every evening this week, I'm starting to wonder (and starting to worry hubby too) if she's starting to get colicky.... but every article/reference book (like going for exam lar, reference book) we have, says that baby normally gets colic in the first few weeks of life, and the worse time will be 6th week... Rachel is way pass that age, but many symptoms does comply... and many doesn't... Anyway, lets wait and see how things go for a few more days before we act on it.... Any advice anyone??

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